37 Household Cost Cutting Tips

37 Household Cost Cutting Tips

We’d all like to know how to save a few dollars and cut cost. Here are a few tips.

1. Use rubber spatulas to clean out jars, bottles, etc.

2. Grate your own cheese.

3. Use cheap paper towels. Most of the time, that’s all you need.

4. Use kitchen hand towels instead of paper towels.

5. Cook from scratch

6. Plan meals ahead.

7. Substitute alternative simple proteins like beans and rice instead of meat or fish.

8. Eat fruit in season.

9. Make homemade treats like cakes, pies, and cookies. It’s cheaper than buying already prepared.

10. Take lunch to work and school.

11. Make pizza at home. It’s cheaper than delivery.

12. Do Not throw food away.

13. Use leftovers.

14. Use a toaster oven instead of the oven when possible. It uses less energy and does not heat the entire kitchen.

15. Recycle plastic store bags for trash bags.

16. Buy popcorn kernels instead of microwave popcorn.

17. Grow your own herbs, vegetables, and fruits.

18. Buy a whole chicken and cut it up. A whole chicken costs less than buying it in parts.

19. Stock up on items frequently used, with a long shelf-life, when on sale. (Toothpaste, soap, lotion, shampoo, etc.)

20. Never go to the supermarket hungry.

21. Take snacks to work. The vending machine is costly.

22. Buy large bags of snacks and put them into smaller bags. It’s usually cheaper than buying individual snacks.

23. Buy large servings of juice and put into smaller containers. It’s cheaper than buying individual servings.

24. Try new recipes. Get ideas online or check out a book from the library.

25. Buy meats on sale and freeze it into portions.

26. Extend ground meat in meatballs or burgers by adding oatmeal.

27. Eat leftovers for lunch. It saves money.

28. Give children smaller portions to avoid waste. It’s better to give them multiple servings that they eat, as opposed to one large serving that they do not eat.

29. Make your own TV dinners by freezing leftovers in portioned, freezer-safe containers.

30. Shop the best deals. That may require shopping at more than one store.

31. Use coupons when items are on sale to maximize the deal.

32. Replace scallions with onions. Onions are cheaper.

33. Use beans as a side dish. They are cheap and are good for your health.

34. Freeze left-over bread to use later for stuffing.

35. Use left-over bread for croutons.

36. Buy good roasting pans instead of using disposable ones.

37. Make household cleaners. It’s cheaper.

What tips do you have that helps save money on groceries and other household costs?

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