6 Gardening Tips to Save You Money

6 Gardening Tips to Save You Money

Whether planting flowers or vegetables it’s easy to go broke trying to create the perfect, beautiful garden. Keep reading to learn 6 ways to spare your wallet not only this season but in future garden seasons as well.

  1. Talk to your neighbors before planting your garden and plan your garden accordingly. In the past, I’ve had an excessive number of certain vegetables and because my neighbors also had the same type of vegetable in abundance, it made it difficult to share. Planned properly, you too can eliminate you and your closest neighbors drowning in zucchini and tomatoes. Now you are planting less and saving more.
  2. Select perennials as opposed to annuals for your flowerbeds. As they increase every year, cut them back and trade with your neighbors and friends so you both have flawless gardens and spare cash too.
  3. Instead of throwing those kitchen scraps into the trash, compost them instead. And to help things along, throw your coffee grounds in there, too. The final product is black gold for your garden. Your soil will be greatly improved than any gardening soil you can ever purchase from a nursery or local big box store. You can’t beat the price and you win the prize for recycling.
  4. Some people chose stones or pebbles as the ground cover in flower beds instead of mulch, which must be replaced every year to maintain a beautiful appearance.6 Gardening Tips To Save You Money
  5. Only buy quality seeds from reputable seed companies. I have spent a fortune over the years buying and replacing seeds. Some packs of seeds have lasted years with germination rates of 90%, while the same type of seeds from other companies had very poor germination rates of 10-20%.
  6. Spend more cash now by buying better quality garden tools. Like my grandmother always said, it’s better to buy great quality once than poor quality over and over again. Good, quality garden tools will keep going for a considerable length of time, saving you money since you don’t have to replace them each planting season. This is true for garden gloves, too. Spend some time researching, and buy the highest quality gloves that you can afford that will last the whole season.

I hope these tips help to save you money during your garden season.

Do you have any tips to save money in the garden?

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