Welcome! I’m Nikkie-a Generation X-er (or Y-er…right on the cusp of the two). I am a busy mom and wife living in the Northeast. I work full-time as a nurse and have done so for a few years (saying ’17 years’ makes me sound too old).

City living has NOT hindered my Country ways…much. On the contrary, it has forced me to think outside of the box. ¬†Although I am surrounded by busyness 24/7, I refuse to change my deep-rooted country attitude. Most people mistakenly think that I have grown up in a rural area, however, I was born and raised in a city.

My heart, however, is entrenched in old-school, country living. Here you’ll find my musings about balancing family life, city demands, and country-like desires.

So…welcome to my journey!

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