Hello Spring!

Hello Spring
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Helloooo Spring!

Even though it’s still chilly for this time of year, the snow has finally melted. I think that it’s really gone for good this time.

The trees are budding and their colors are beginning to paint our gardens, parks, and skylines with beautiful hues. Spring is finally here to bring the welcoming weather, allowing us to get into the garden again. (yay!)

If your winter has been extended this year and you were prevented from your garden chores, join me in getting outside to get some things done!

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Now is the time to get that garden cleaned and ready to plant.

Grab a rake and remove any leaves and debris that may have piled up.

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Recycle the leaves and discard debris.

Depending on your style of gardening, now may be the time to lightly loosen the soil bed.

Or, if doing the no-dig method, spread your compost over the garden area.

Once ready, plant roses, annuals, perennials, and shrubs.

For early blooming shrubs, now is the time to prune.

It is also a great time to shop!

Early in the year (like now), you can find great deals at your local home and garden center. Perennial plants and bushes, that come back year after year, are your best friend. They will give you the great pop of color year after year and require little up-keep (look for low maintenance varieties).

Flower bulbs, like tulips and calendula, are ready to go in the ground as well. These flowers add beauty and color to an area. In the case of tulips, if you can’t get them in the ground now, don’t fret. You can plant the bulbs in the autumn. Then, next spring, beauty will abound with little to no efforts. 

If you didn’t have a nice day to tackle the dreaded task of weeding the garden, now’s your chance.

The best time to get them out of your beds is when the weeds are small. Some weeds can develop extensive root systems in a very short period of time (think dandelion). It’s so much easier to handle the baby weeds now than to deal with overgrown monsters later in the summer.

Remember, left to do their thing, weeds will completely take over your garden and lawn, too!

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Take the time for preparing your garden space for the upcoming warmer months. Plan it out. Remember to give your garden plenty of variety and color. 

Don’t forget to have fun!

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