How To Choose The Best Garden Location For Maximum Production


Choosing your garden’s location is one of the most important decisions to make. Once the decision to start a vegetable garden is made, location is the next logical step.

Several factors play into the determination of a gardens location. Plant type, the zone that you live in, garden size, and the location of obstacles (such as trees, shrubs, swing set, etc) are just a few things that can influence your choice of garden location.

In a nutshell, you’ll want the most convenient, brightest, and easily accessible spot on your property.

Watering Can


How you plan to water your garden is an important deciding factor related to garden location. Who wants to drag buckets of water across the lawn, down the hill and around the bend?  Surely not me.

And think of the hot, dry summers when the frequency of watering increases to at least twice a day. You’ll be as dehydrated as your plants just by trying to tend to them.

So, depending on your finances, yard layout, and level of skill, there are several options to consider, such as sprinklers, irrigation, soaker hoses, etc.  Make sure your garden is within the ideal distance for a hose to reach. You’ll be surprised at how much easier a plan will make things.

Garden Location               garden

Garden Orientation

Knowing that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, how you orient your garden is very important.  Your home’s location as well as the placement of fencing, bushes, and sheds, all play a role when choosing the location of your garden.

Once you have a general idea of where you want your garden, spend time watching the area. Make note of how the sun moves across the ground. Make note of the amount of sunlight and shade that are created.

Depending on your choice of vegetables and flowers you choose to plant, you can change your garden’s orientation. Also, think of your plant choices at their maximum size. Will they be shaded or will they shade others? Lastly, keep this in mind, you can’t add sun to your garden veggies, but you can add shade!

Garden Location Made Simple

You want to choose a location that will provide an ideal climate for your plants. The specific plant needs can vary greatly. The seed catalogs are a perfect resource to provide information about growing needs. Just use that information to find the most shaded or sunny (depending on need) spot in your yard.

After the ideal garden location has been identified, and it’s determined that this location has sufficient sunlight and can easily be watered, you are one step closer to actually starting the garden. There may be other things to consider such as gardening on a slope, but mostly you should be able to decide whether your location is good or not based on common sense.

Garden fence

Think Like A Plant

Stand in your chosen garden location and think, “If I were a plant, how well would I grow and flourish here?” If the answer is a resounding “Great”, then head to your local garden supply store, break out the tools and start gardening!

Happy Gardening!

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