Save Money…Try A Discount Food Store

Save Money Try A Discount Grocery Store

As a YouTube fan and a self-proclaimed lover of discount anything. I follow several homesteaders and homeschool moms who are also into saving money.

I have been couponing for years and have had great success. I often manage to get free or nearly free items not only for our home but for our family and non-profit organizations.

But even with the success we’ve had, we can always do better.

While watching a YouTube video, I noticed that two of the ladies often mentioned shopping at their local “discount food store”. Well, what the heck is that?

I live in a small state and have never heard of any store, with the exception of Aldi and Save-A-Lot mentioned when discussing discount foods, but I know those stores are not what the ladies meant. So, off to Google I went.

Well, I learned about food reclamation centers where food not sold in stores for a variety of reasons is sent. From there it is sold and shipped to discount food stores and sold at a major discount to consumers.

Some states had up to 10 of these types of stores, my state only has two stores (the same store has 2 locations). Unfortunately, neither of these is close by. So, FAMILY MINI ROAD TRIP!

Upon arrival we found a very busy parking lot and folks coming out with full carts. Our discount store is divided into three sections. One is for an ice cream bar which my family said had the best ice cream they have ever had. The second area is comprised of household items. I found a lot of interesting things not found in local stores, and the prices reflected that truth. The things sold there were expensive but did appear to be quality.

The third, final and largest section is for groceries. The store was arranged very similar to Aldi in some ways. The items are not beautifully arranged neatly onto dusty shelves. Instead, the boxes of items are opened and neatly placed in its final location, box and all. Some of the items are there because the packaging had an old advertisement (think movies on a cookie package) and now the movie is out of the theaters. Some things are close to the expiration date. Some were uncommon flavors. And some things are just…there! We couldn’t figure out why.

The store sold everything from fresh produce, dairy products, candy, baking goods, sweets, and even a large frozen food section. The largest area is packaged goods, which are not the healthiest of options. Everything that is found in a regular grocery store is here, too. 

We got great deals on snacks (many were 6 for $1) for our family as well as frozen salmon (large filet for $2), a family-sized box of fish sticks ($2), stuffed shrimp, and a lot more. Popular brands of iced tea were sold, by the case, for less than the cost of one bottle in a regular store (12 bottles for $2.50). For a full cart of food, we spent $75.

So, to me, it’s worth going online to check your local (or not-so-local) area for a discount food store and has an opened mind. It’s important to keep in mind that what you find today may be gone tomorrow. Therefore, if you see it and you want it, buy it.

Oh, I forgot to mention. The most awesome part of the store is the store’s deli section. Yes, a fresh deli section. Their subs (hoagies to some) are delicious! The sandwiches were heavy with deli meat, cheese, and toppings. All bread used for the sandwiches are made in-house, and I must say that I have never had such tasty, soft, sub rolls in my life. On $6 sandwich fed the 3 of us (my daughter couldn’t finish her food and my husband barely finished his).

Although we had to drive almost an hour to reach our destination, it was well worth it. We will be making a trip there once a month. So again, take a trip online and try your area discount food store. You may find it worth the trip.

Happy Saving!

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